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STID Fanfic Recs for Khan stories


STID Fanfic Recs for Khan stories

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I thought I share a few of the fanfics I do enjoy. I admit I do not read every story, because I do not like Sherlock/STID crossovers, there are a few other stories I have avoided for personal reasons, that I might end up reading later on ...

PWP, Smut, Slash etc

First some wonderful smutty slash stories with dom!Khan and an often total lack of consent by everyone he is fucking:

  • In the Dark by yeaka

    A six-chapter smutty marathon, Khan/Chekov, Chekov/Sulu, Khan/Kirk, Kirk/Spock and a Khan/Kirk/Spock scene. The setting, well Khan one and kept a few pets ... PWP? :D

  • The Calm by yeaka

    Submisse!Chekov and dom!Khan - my new OTP *lol* Really awesome smut with a basic premise that makes you want to find out what happens later on, when Chekov finds out the truth about his boyfriend ...

  • Raktajino by yeaka

    Sort of Follow up to The Calm, with no actual sex, that is still smoking hot.

  • To Offer by yeaka

    Another Chekov/Khan story set during the movie ...

  • Sheer Force by yeaka

    Khan/Kirk where Kirk is forced to give a blow-job ...

  • Fireshot by yeaka

    Khan/Kirk - Admist the fighting on Kronos, Kirk finds himself alone with Khan ...

  • Quick by yeaka

    Short troubling encounter between Kirk/Khan on the Vengeance

  • Gel by yeaka

    Khan/McCoy - A medical check-up has never been hotter ...

  • Glass by yeaka

    Khan/Kirk and another form of magnificent bad guy boast ;)

More plotty stories

  • Those Most Dear by withmyradio

    Khan/OFC (I love those) starts out very intriguing. The OC worked at the Archive bombed by Khan, he keeps her alive because he needs information and believes she has it ...

  • Out of Control by KhanDarkness

    Tells the story of Khan being woken up and forced to work for Marcus

  • Heeeey! Thank you so much for reccing me!! :D <3 <3

    (On a sidenote, took me forever to remember my password, damnit IJ for pretending I could comment with LJ! D:<)
    • I wish Dreamwidth had paypal as a payment option - then I could crosspost also to Livejournal ...

      Maybe one of these days I get around to make more icons with dom!Khan and his pets ;)
      • That would be lovely! :D

        But DW and LJ (both of which I use XD) Are free, why would you need to pay? :O Unless you're using extra fancy account things. XD
        • DW is free but you can only auto-crosspost to one Journal for free (IJ in my case), and also icons are so limited. DW is my primary community so I love to be able to use a few more of my Khan icons there.

          So I really would not mind the few dollars it costs to upgrade to a paid account with more crosspost abilities and icons ;)
          • Aw, fair enough. :O I haven't done anything with my DW, but I should probably look around for ST fandom there >o>; Yay for Khan icons! :) I wish Ao3 let you use more~
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