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Fanfic: Progress report


Fanfic: Progress report

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I am trying hard to maintain my writing habit of writing/editing daily and so far I am doing good.

Now, this is mainly a progress report (also something I did before but never got around to doing regularly) about what I worked on this week and want to do next week.

My main fanfic All there is has now four chapters posted, I got back chapter edits for two and three from my beta and probably upload them again later tonight.

Also sent off chapter 4 and 5 to my beta [personal profile] alessnox.

Chapter 6 is filled with notes, different versions of the beginning and an overall uneasy feeling.

It is hard to write Khan in situation where he has to act in a way he does not usually act because of outside pressure. Then there is of course my second important OC (Lea) who is an unfortunate pawn between Khan and my other OC (Malek).

This is basically the pre-set for the next few chapters: As time progresses Khan's plan progress but in the meantime, he is forced to humour Malek and figure out how useful Lea can be to him. The added difficulty being, that he can not use his more direct strategies ..

At the same time, Khan struggles with feelings of loss (his crew, power and health) and it is hard to write. I know the events, what is going to happen but just putting all of that into words is difficult.

Which is probably why I have allowed myself to also write a little PWP with a Khan/Carol Marcus pairing ;) The Admiral's Daugther is not related to All there is but it is way more relaxing to write ...

Thanks to tumblr, my personal headcanon casting for Khan's right hand man, Joachim, is now Tom Hiddleston.
If they ever thaw Khan and his crew up for a later sequel, they just have to make that a reality.

My other projects are currently on ice.
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