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Research, so much research


Research, so much research

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The problem when you have such a huge plotty fanfic, you need to read / watch up on so many things.

Contemplating whether I should read the Eugenenic Wars novels - the last of the three seems to go contrary to the novelization of Wrath of Khan. Having a different background for Joachim. I rather prefer to stick with the latter.

At any rate, the day started slow, but at least the weekend is over (I hate that on weekends there is seldom anyone around to chat with) so I started studying up on some TNG episodes.

This research is in regard to my OFC, who will finally show up in the next chapter and then stick around for most chapters to come. While a lot of her background will only come out slowly, it's about time, I checked up on a few specifics. Mostly to determine some of her reactions as Khan will notice these ...

The TNG episodes I need to watch or already have watched are:

  • Q Who

  • Yesterday's Enterprise

  • The Best of Both World's

  • Time's Arrow

Just as I also need to watch Generations again :D Yep, that awful film. If you read the fanfic, keep in mind what the episodes and the film have in common, you might pick up on something before it is revealed. It is not a huge spoiler anyway.
  • But it´s really really good research :-D
    • Yes, indeed - I made great progress earlier in the morning
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