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Nightmares to other, wonderful entertainment for me


Nightmares to other, wonderful entertainment for me

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So, before I went to bed, I read cleolinda's recap of the newest Hannibal episode. Resulting in the most delicious nightmare ... describing the dream probably won't do justice what I felt, but boy was my heart pumping.

It started out rather convoluted, there was a police investigation, a fugitive (not Hannibal) it was a bit more out of the Law & Order playing book. My dreamself was a witness to him taking off in a certain direction and I followed and then showed the arriving police on their way. Once they were gone, I recognized someone carrying an unconscious women (who sometimes looked like Abigal, then later like Alana). Despite having a bad feeling, I followed and saw that they vanished into the garage of a four story building.

At this point an old lady walked up to the front. She was bit creepily zombie-like, not in the eat your brains way but like her mind was vacant and she merely functioned. Looking at the names next to the bells three were shabbily written and the top one was very elegantly written. My dreamself was having the feeling she knew the man and the unconscious woman from somewhere. So I told the old woman I had an appointment with the guy on the top floor and helped her with her groceries up the first stairs.

Once I was there and she vanished into her apartment, I heard the man coming from the garage one floor below and yes, it was Hannibal Lector (the gloriously creepy Mads version) and he dragged a still unconscious Alana up the stairs. I retreated further up the stairs, as my dreamself recognized him as well (guess that was post incarceration) and the apartment building was pretty shabby on the next two floors. You know dreams for some reason the doors were wooden panels with some peek holes in them. But I could enter an apartment and get a really close look at Hannibal passing me with his victim.

So my dreamself's heart is pounding, wondering if he will notice and it seems like he did not but then I realise somehow that he did, cause the dreamself saw him sniffing something and then looked at her sweaty palms. Hannibal did pretend to go up stairs and I snuck down not wanting to give away me knowing and me trying to get the hell out of there.

Just like in Extreme Vengeance where your RPG character can sneak a peek at what the bad guy was doing, I saw him go to the door of doom and my dreamself instantly knew on her way down, this door was the faster way down. Well, you in the tv show Hannibal is a murder wizard, he might as well have doors with portals in my dreams ;)

So I got into the apartment of the old lady (nobody looked their doors) and it was creepy, barely lived in, just like she was a front to make the house appear less suspicious. I looked for a window but as dreams are tricky the layout of the place was now, maze-like and while there were windows, none seemed to open. The whole time I had the feeling, any minute now, he was going to catch up. But yeah, I found a balcony despite being now a few stories up again (oh dreams and the ever changing landscape) I managed to climb down.

Yeah, I actually got away, because two of the police cars had come back looking for me, as I was a witness and they still needed my statement. Cue weird dream time jump.

I know lived in the Lector house which was now clean and renovated and housing a self-help group or something, maybe I was just there giving support? Then someone broke the news that Lector had gotten out of jail again. Everybody panicked, dreamself felt utterly scared but for some reason decided to ditch the group.

Instead she went upstairs to the apartment where Hannibal used to life. There he was, unpacking. Somehow my dreamself came to the conclusion: "They had to let you go."

I try to summarize the following discussion as accurate as I can remember.

HL = "A technicality."
DS = "But everyone knows you are serial killer."
HL = "Yet, you came here alone - facing your fears."
(dreamself casually approaches ...)
DS = "If you did want to kill me, I doubt hiding would help."
HL = "So instead of waiting, you decided to force the issue."
(dreamself puts her hands on the edge of the carton he was unpacking from)
HL = "Strange you would come to a house that bestowed the most terrifying experience you had."
(at this point, Hannibal grabs dreamself wrists)
HL = " ... mah I can't remember at all ...

Anyway it was something that sounded comforting but had this underlying threat and a creepy vibe to it. So dreamself stand there, he holds her wrists, scares her, then offers her to help her with her fears (yes, as anyone sane would go to therapy with him ...) I even remember that he was stroking dreamselfs wrists with his thumbs. dreamself tried to pull away but could not, she told him: "Whatever you trying to do, it is not working."

And then I woke up ...

More dreams like that, nothing like dreaming a good thriller ...
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