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And another Hannibal dream!


And another Hannibal dream!

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What is it with this show? I assume it must be the vivid imagery but I had another dream, this time less threatening, as my character was a werewolf and maybe also a witch?

I don't get the "plot" which was even more convoluted last time but it was fun. Along the line of a fanfic idea that I will, definitely will resist!

My werewolf dreamself was stalked and she ended up checking out Hannibal's home, which did not made him happy. Then the true stalker, another type of werewolf, who had been the one Hannibal was stalking (for dinner) showed up.

My character fought the werewolf, killed him, then had a casual chat with a very curious Hannibal. One of the last things I remember was: "May I offer you dinner?" and my werewolf was all like. "That be lovely."

*headdesk* and *lol*

I guess a better reply than "I prefer to eat my hearts while they are still beating!"
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