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Great, just fucking great


Great, just fucking great

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So had problems seeing anything on my right eye clearly and fucking headaches because of it (and the weather) now I went to the neurologist and guess what? I have to check into the hospita for further test.

It could be something that is just a one time thing or it could be early signs of MS.

I think it is the more the first but yeah better safe than sorry. It just bah, why now? I was just getting into the swing of things and felt more optimistic about everything!

  • Shit :-(
    I hope it´s nothing! A friend of mine has a similar thing with the eye, got tested a lot and they found nothing. I hope it´ll go away for you!
  • Oh btw, have you already read Trevor Munson´s Angel of Vengeance?

    It was there before Moonlight, it´s the base-novel and really great IMHO :-)
    • No, have not heard of it - will keep that in mind :D

      Oh and as you can see, I am online at the hospital so yeah ... although I feel like being trapped in a weird House episode (although my doctor yesterday was cuter but naturally not scnarkier, kind of nice as Chase but more grown up looking)

      Got a spinal fluid tab or whatever that is called. A CT, various blood tests and today some cortison and next thing an MRI ... all because of that eye - I guess it is as well that I have not seen house in a while, I am pretty sure a lot of episodes start this way and end up with patient holding on to dear life.

      So far the cause might be a) bacterial infection b) autoimmune or c) a sign that I might get MS (luckily the most unlikely and as I am not in a house epi I am pretty sure it is one of the other two)
      • Oh mhh Chase ;-) Sounds nice. And grown up looking is a great thing :-D

        I hate it when they can´t finish a diagnosis and you just keep looking or give up at all. You have the MRI behind you already?
        House always pulled through a massacre, LOL! They don´t do that with you, but sometimes you can wish for it instead of all the waiting.

        I hope it´s just a), and you can get quick treatment for that thing.

        Keep us posted <3
  • Any health-news for you, dear??
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