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Small update / Teen Wolf fic


Small update / Teen Wolf fic

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Have not posted for a while. Been busy with my health problems and when I had energy I put it into writing. Made tons of progress but then last week, I had a relapse and went almost blind on my right eye again.

Currently I am recovering from the cortisone but at least I can see a bit more again and the cross-interference with my good eye is not that headache inducing anymore.

Here is an overview over my latest fic project ...

Always an Alpha (AO3, ff.net)

  • Chapter 1: A small favour (5,270 words)
  • Chapter 2: Cabin in the Woods (5,030 words)
  • Chapter 3: Aftercare (4,921 words)
  • Chapter 4: Happy Birthday (5,984 words)

Rating: M (overall), Chapter 1: (PG-13)
Peter Hale / Lydia Martin
Story Summary:

Set in Spring Break 2012, the effects of powering up the Nemeton come into play, Peter sets his plans in motion to gain back his Alpha power. It is a Peter/Lydia focused fanfic but with a somewhat longish plot and a slow burn. It is everything but romantic. In fact it is more a supernatural mystery story, as our good guys try to figure out who or what is murdering people in Beacon Hills.

Our good guys are half-way convinced that Peter is involved but Lydia has the feeling that maybe Peter is actually trying to help. Only that given what he did to her, her friends believe Lydia is saying that being under his influence.

Most chapters are written from Lydia's POV but as she is not always around, I'll have guest POV chapters.

Chapter 1 Summary:
It's the 22nd March, while the others are out at night looking at dead bodies, Lydia is stuck at home alone - at least until Peter shows up, claiming that Derek is in need of her help. Of course, he is not taking no for an answer ...
Chapter 1 Quote:
It would have been better to leave a note. Lydia was not even sure what she could have written on it. 'Mom, don't worry, I am heading out for the night with the lunatic who slashed me up after the formal. See you soon.'
Chapter 1 Kinks:
None actually ...
Chapter 2 Summary:
Peter and Lydia arrive at the place where "Derek" has been kept by Peter. Lydia senses that something fishy is going on and when the nature of the ritual is revealed to her, she finds herself strangely into that for all the wrong reasons ...
Chapter 2 Quote:
It occurred to Lydia, that if she had a type, it was definitely slightly lunatic werewolves.
Chapter 2 Kinks:
knotting, double penetration, werewolf bestiality, extremly dubious consent, threesome m/f/m
Chapter 3 Summary:
After passing out during the ritual, Lydia wakes up back in Beacon Hills but Peter is not yet done with her ...
Chapter 3 Quote:
“Oh, still a couple of hours left,” he sighed. “I am afraid, I must confess I sent a few messages from your phone to your friends, telling them that you went away with your parents, who did not want a repeat of that disaster during your last party.”

“So absolutely no one is missing me.”
Chapter 3 Kinks:
Hair washing (?)
Chapter 4 Summary:
Still at Peter's apartment, they share a fancy dinner while talking more about her dreams and how Peter might be able to help her with learning how to control them.
Chapter 4 Quote:
“Because your abilities were dormant. It can’t exactly say what triggers them, but we know one method that worked. I could taste right away, that there was something different about you.”

Lydia flinched. “Could we please not discuss what my blood tastes like on the dinner table?”
Chapter 4 Kinks:
None ...

I am already up to chapter 11, with over 55k ... next Peter chapter is 8, so yeah, not going to post again till I get there. It's my favourite chapter, can't wait for my beta to get there as I am curious was others will think about it.

  • The eye probs sound very worrying :-(
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