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Saw the Agents of SHIELD pilot ...


Saw the Agents of SHIELD pilot ...

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... oh boy, if you liked it you might want to stop reading here, because I loathed it.

First of, I know Coulson is probably really dead after all, but Clone!Coulson or Robot!Coulson sucks. Every scene where it showed up, it just made me want to fast forward (I did not but I was this . . close).

Could the writing of this pilot be any lamer?

Someone clearly went to the Meyer school of tell not show. The poor men's bond (could not bother to remember his name) already fell through with me, when they needed to boost him by telling me he is just as good as Natasha as a spy. Fucking show me or it did not happen.

They are so inconsistent. Really that annoying hacker girl (whom I want to see blown up - seriously she is so annoying) could break into SHIELD with an ancient notebook? After we established in the film that not even Tony/Jarvis could that until they planted a virus directly into Fury's station? Even a genius can only do that much with inferior equipment, I excepted something so lame and illogical and unrealistic from a fanfic writer that just wants to show how cool their Mary Sue is but please can we have more standards in the actual show?

Seriously, that pilot reeked from "We are trying too hard." The forced humour, the look at how cool our characters are, here are all the film references (and probably comic ones, too that I missed) and I know that will please the massed but come on ... they could also have made it good so people who want more than brainless entertainment can enjoy it, too. Is it really that hard to write characters with a personality and let them show some of that? Let me repeat: being overly cool is not a personality trait besides I did not think any of these characters were cool.

And so many clichés ... I've heard episode is 2 is better but that means almost nothing given that I thought this was a total crapfest in my opinion.
  • So bad? Meh....I´ve planned to see it, but this sounds awful.
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